Our Story

FearlessHOPE was founded by Chris and Dallas Fears after identifying the need for commu­nity and support while dealing with their own daughter’s medical diagnoses. A few hours after one of the most joyful moments of their lives when their second daughter, Finley, was born they were confronted with the devastating news that she was blind.

Over the next three years Finley underwent anesthesia 17 times for surgeries and post-operative exams. She was seen by doctors and surgeons over 125 times, endured multiple blood draws and X-rays and eye drops. After losing her right eye, Finley defied the odds and is blessed with sight in her left.

Although Chris and Dallas were blessed to be surrounded by supportive family and friends, they still felt alone. Nobody they knew had been through their same struggles. They suddenly understood that creating a community for chil­dren, and the families of children, suffering from visual impairments was their call from God. They initially created fearlessHOPE to provide a platform for families to share love, hope, and emotional support with other families in similar circumstances. In the past three years, however, fearless­HOPE has grown to include advocacy and financial assistance for medical care.

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