fearlessHOPE’s 5 Core Support Channels

  • Advocacy and policy change for affordable sight-saving medication, aids and devices is one of our greatest passions. We are pursuing insurance policy change so families affected by visual impairments and blindness don’t have to suffer unnecessary financial hardship.
  • Information is the key to understanding how to navigate this disability, whether its related to healthcare or emotional well-being. With our network of closely-knit resources, we help families know who to connect to within their community.
  • Training for medical-devices and monitoring of common health indicators are critical steps for any family raising a child who’s visually impaired or blind. We connect our families with the right places to ensure they’re prepared.
  • Financial Support for medical care for our families is made possible in part by our two main annual fundraisers: Race2Vision and our winter gala. These days bring the community together to celebrate the joy in our lives with the goal supporting our families who undergo extreme financial hardship. We also facilitate donations of corrective glasses, eye drops, and visually stimulating vacations for the families of children with the most degenerative visual impairments.
  • Community is the heart of fearlessHOPE. We hold your hand every step of the way with prayer, child support, parent-to-parent mentorships, post-op visits and more.