Gavin’s Story

“When I found out about his eyes, I Googled Everything. That’s how I found Dallas with Fearless Hope. Fearless Hope has been a great resource for us to gain more knowledge on Gavin’s condition as well as an emotional support group to help us through these times by sharing stories and experience that they’ve also had with their child. They are provided a financial contribution which enables us to get the glasses Gavin wears today as well as eye drop prescription that were not covered by our health insurance.”

Avery’s Story

“In the middle of all of it, I received a call from a friend of mine. She said I’m referring you to a friend of mine: Dallas Fears. Dallas called and explained she started a non-profit and they aim to help families who were going through a situation like ours. She organized Avery’s school to make a bunch of get-well cards for her. In fact, students from all over the country made cards for her. I told Dallas you have days and days of darkness and she was like a ray of sunshine in the middle of it all. Eventually, we were surprised with financial help from FearlessHOPE for something we pay for every year but because this year we had more of a financial struggle and had taking a lot of time off work, it was more of a financial hardship and this was a big weight lifted off our shoulder and gave us a boost of faith.”